Berlin on 35mm Photo Diary

8 July 2017

The Cow&Co. Cafe, Liverpool

12 March 2017

Let's have a coffee and a catch up shall we?

Makushi Coffe Roasters, Lincoln

24 September 2016

Lincolns city centre feels like it is constantly changing. Every week or so a different shop or restaurant closes and something new quickly pops up in its place, after a while you start to lose track but something about Makushi coffee roasters really caught my eye recently. Located a little way up steep hill, the coffee shop is a hipster dream - all exposed brick and woodwork, edison light bulbs and specialty coffees roasted on site. I've made quite a few visits now (I'm on my second loyalty stamp card already) and I think I can now say that I've completely fallen in love with the place.

It's a small venue, with a few tables in the entrance and then two cosy back rooms (one of which I've heard affectionately referred to as 'the cave') but it seems like there are big plans to open up the site further and eventually include outside seating too. The atmosphere is really relaxed and the staff are amazingly helpful and friendly. Every time I've been in the place has been packed, which isn't bad for a shop that only opened a few weeks ago.

#EastMidsBloggers Meet-up at Manhattan 34

28 August 2016

Getting to be part of the #eastmidsbloggers group is one of the best things to have come out of this blog. It's such a nice group of girls and its crazy to think the group has only been going since last year. I've met some really close friends now thanks to the meet ups and our group chats have always been great fun. Even though I've not been as on top of this blog, or reading anyone elses as much as I'd like recently, I was really excited for another meet up.

The latest event was organised by Emmie and a few of the other girls at Manhattan 34 in Leicester, a gorgeous cocktail bar. It felt a bit strange being in a bar at lunchtime, kind of like being a student again, but the atmosphere and decor was amazing and I couldn't resist sampling some of their amazing gins (and then getting made fun of by the bartender for taking too many photos of my drink).

We started the afternoon off with some drinks and an icebreaker, trying to find the owner of a 'fact' from the other bloggers in the room. I normally hate icebreakers but this one was really relaxed and it actually was a great conversation starter. I found the owner of my fact with the first person I asked and couldn't help feeling a bit smug but also a bit sad not to get longer to hunt, but I soon got involved in the detective work of helping everyone else try and identify theirs and learnt loads about the other bloggers in the room.

Cider Fruit Punch

12 June 2016

So we probably need to stop for a minute and have a chat about my obsession with drinks in jars. If you're one of the people that wishes the trend would hurry up and die already then I'm sorry, but I'm still not over it.
I've been dreaming about one of these jar drinks dispensers for months now, so when I spotted one in Aldi (my currently fave for all kitchenware) while shopping for ingredients for this recipe it just felt like fate, even if an 8litre drinks dispenser did seem a little large considering I can never fit more than 3-4 guests over at once in my tiny flat.

Aside from wanting an excuse to buy this new dreamy and completely ridiculous jar, I created this punch recipe in partnership with Four Walls and Ocean Loans to celebrate National BBQ Week, because all summer parties need a good drinks menu.

Cider is such a great drink for the sunny weather and this punch has the brilliant illusion of seeming a bit fancier than just drinking from a can but takes barely any more effort to make. The trickiest bit is planning ahead to soak the fruit but if you forget you can just throw it all into a jug and it'll still taste amazing. The tropical flavours are also nice for pretending you're actually somewhere warm and not having your bbq while wearing a cardigan as usually seems to happen to me.

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