Mini Mince Pies

22 December 2013

Miniature Mince Pies

Christmas for me this year is going to be all about two things: travelling and food. It just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't spend 50% travelling between family members. But more importantly, I am very excited for the food. At no other time of year is it acceptable to have booze for breakfast and cake for dinner so this is a holiday I can definitely get behind. In a fit of madness I've volunteered to be the chef for the holiday period, including cooking Christmas dinner for the first time and I thought I'd make an early start on cooking ready for the big day by finally learning how to make one of my favourite winter foods, mince pies.

Chai and Chocolate Muffins

10 December 2013

In recent years, I've been a bit obsessed with all things Chai. But after a quick google recently to find some chai recipes for winter, I was disappointed by how unnecessarily complicated many of them were. I was looking for something quicker, easier and that didn't require a trip to a specialist shop for a long list of spices.

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