Coconut and Double Chocolate Cheesecake

26 May 2014

Coconut and Double Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

You may remember several months ago when I promised the reason for my lack of blog posts was because I was working on some exciting things for you? Well this is one of those exciting things.

Easy Chicken and Lime Enchiladas

11 May 2014

Chicken and Lime Enchiladas

Several months ago, I made enchiladas for friends on one of our 'girls' nights in. In the weeks that followed of being repeatedly asked to either make them again or hand over the recipe, I, of course lost the recipe. So every time making enchiladas since has been guess work based on what little I remember from the original dish (this seems to be a recurring theme for my blog posts now - the quest for the perfect apple crumble loaf has still not been fulfilled).

Dave and I are huge fans of mexican inspired food so luckily no-one was arguing when I wanted to make a few batches of this to get it right and I'm pretty pleased with them now. It's very simple to make, doesn't require you to buy anything unusual or complicated and is incredibly filling, making it brilliant comfort food.

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