Coconut and Double Chocolate Cheesecake

26 May 2014

Coconut and Double Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

You may remember several months ago when I promised the reason for my lack of blog posts was because I was working on some exciting things for you? Well this is one of those exciting things.

In an attempt to get Dave more excited about his birthday (which was in January) I promised to make him a cake. My brain was full of promising ideas of his favourite things, coffee cakes, whisky cakes, bicycle shaped cakes..."can I have a cheesecake?" he asked, "with coconut?" And my mind went blank. What was I going to do with that? After a look in my recipe books followed by a google and pinterest search, I couldn't find a single thing I wanted to bake.

But I like a challenge, and set about to create a cake that filled by his brief. While the final cake may have been somewhat delayed (we'll call it an early present for next year perhaps?) I am very pleased with this final recipe. It's deliciously creamy, very easy to make and if I haven't won you over yet - it doesn't require any cooking. A brilliant, indulgent, summer dessert.

Coconut and Double Chocolate Cheesecake

For the base:
200g digestive biscuits
80g melted butter
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder

For the topping:
500g mascarpone (or other soft cheese)
200g double cream
100g melted white chocolate
100g melted dark chocolate
60g desiccated coconut (plus extra for topping)

To make the cheesecake base crush your biscuits - if you have a food processor this would probably be easiest but I went with the good old fashioned beat a food bag with a rolling pin method. Stir in the melted butter and cocoa powder and press into the base of a large baking tin.

For the filling, start by whipping the cream and mascarpone then separate into two large bowls. In the first, add the white chocolate and coconut and whip again until thick and well combined. In your other mixture add in the dark chocolate and stir again until smooth.

Spoon your two cheesecake mixes into the tin slowly and small lumps then use a knife to 'marble' them and flatten the top (it won't be perfectly smooth because of the coconut but don't worry, the taste more than makes up for it!).

Leave in the fridge to cool for at least two hours and then enjoy!

I'd love to know how anyone else gets on with this recipe or what you'll be cooking this summer - let me know in a comment or tag me on Twitter or Instagram.

Photos are as always, with thanks to David Gurney, who helps make these blog posts possible, even when I don't deliver his cakes on time.

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  1. Hannah, this cheesecake looks so yummy! I love that you used mascarpone in all it's Italian glory rather than cream cheese. Coconut and chocolate are a fantastic duo. I'd LOVE to try this recipe soon. Thank you so much for sharing. Pinning and tweeting!

    1. Thank you lovely! The mascarpone is just so rich and wonderful, I've had to stop myself make about 5 more of these! I'd love to hear how you get on with it :)

  2. Omg this recipe looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of cheesecakes and I adore the combination of chocolate and coconut. Definitely trying this! x


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