The Liebster Award

26 July 2014

I've been trying to make more of an effort recently to engage with the blogging community. I was already reading quite a lot of blogs and learning and getting so much inspiration from them but as a naturally shy person with a very small and new blog to show I was too scared to really speak to people. So when the lovely Ellie nominated me for the Liebster Award I was pretty excited to get involved. I don't usually do tag posts or anything like this but I did a little research into it and it seems like a fantastic way for bloggers to get to know each other better and strike up conversations.

Pirate Ship Cake

23 July 2014

Pirate Ship Birthday Chocolate Cake

It’s unpopular opinion time here on Hannah Bakes Things: I don’t like decorated cakes. Okay, before food bloggers everywhere start hunting me down with torches, I don’t mean all decorated cakes, just the ones with silly characters made from more fondant or royal icing than there is cake. I just don't go in for that at all. I’d much rather have a really tasty treat than a bland sponge cake with diabetes inducing amounts of sugar on top in the shape of a cartoon character. But then this week I had to make good on my months old (and very naive) promise of a cake for my 4 year old brothers birthday party and a compromise had to be found.

Summer Pizza

16 July 2014

As many of my friends and family already know, at the end of June, my first graduate job came to an end and I found myself facing a long stretch of, well, nothing. Or so I thought. Long summer days for sleeping, baking, job hunting and not having to do much else actually didn't sound too bad. Then I found myself moving house, start a new job (and some freelance work) and trying to keep up with other personal commitments and all that time in the kitchen just sort of vanished - I was completely out of time or energy to interact with the blogging world at all. But I'm pretty much back now (or at least I hope so) and while I was gone I somehow seem to have reached 50 followers on bloglovin which I know isn't massive but was a pretty big milestone for me (and is an insane amount of people to be reading my ramblings about food!) and has been helping motivate me to get back to my keyboard as soon as possible. I promise more cakes and sweet treats are coming soon but in the meantime, I wanted to share another savoury dish.

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