Heston's Fruit Cup

11 August 2014

Hestons Fruit Cup Bottle and Cocktail

Last Summer was an important one in my life for many reasons. I finished university, moved into my first 'proper' flat, started my first 'proper' job and spent lots of warm summer days and nights with some incredible people. What I mostly remember about last summer though is Pimms. Lots and lot of Pimms. So to say I was excited when I heard that for this summer Heston Blumenthal had released his very own fruit cup for Waitrose (based on the incredible Earl Grey gin he created for the supermarket last year) would be an enormous understatement.

I finally managed to get a bottle recently (why do they put Waitrose' in such awkward locations?) and it really did not disappoint. It's described on the label as "full of the aromas of fruity blackcurrant, fragrant elderflower and citrusy bergamot, with a kick of apple spirit" which is actually a really good description of the flavour. It's much fruitier than fruit cups I've had before and you can really taste the flavours of the gin as well but at the same time its not too strong or overpowering at all. I made a pretty traditional cocktail with it (pictured below) for my first try, with a small amount of fruit cup, strawberries, orange, apple and lemonade over ice and it was fantastic. This is my new favourite summer drink, I'm having to exercise a lot of self restraint not to drink the rest of the bottle all at once and I'm only doing that because Waitrose is so far away from me and I know I'll be devastated to not be able to replace it right away.

Hestons Fruit Cup Cocktail

After trying out the fruit cup I also rekindled my love affair with the earl grey gin. I put another slight twist on the traditional gin and tonic here by adding some strawberry puree ice cubes which helped add some sweetness against the lemon and earl grey.

It also gave me a chance to show off the amazing glasses Dave and I picked up in the summer sales. Our Mad Men obsession has had us hunting for some knock offs of the Dorothy Thorpe tumblers for years so while these aren't quite the same and aren't as rounded, we were so in love with the silver bands that we had to buy a pair. I've actually been doing a lot of home/kitchenware shopping lately so if anyone is interested in seeing haul posts please let me know!

I'm really looking forward to experimenting with these drinks more in the coming weeks and sharing my progress with you all. I'd love to hear what you thought of Hestons new beverage or what your favourite cocktails have been for this summer, leave a comment below or you can find other ways to contact me here.


  1. They both look amazing! Love the straws too :) I hope we have this in the Netherlands as well, then I'll try it out sometime.

  2. Hannah WebsterAugust 13, 2014

    Thanks, I love my paper straws, they make any drink instantly better! I hope you find some :)


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