DoughNOTs (or my first experience with blogger burnout)

24 September 2014

I'm sorry to say that I do not have a recipe for #TheGreatBloggerBakeOff this week. The theme was advanced dough and I decided to try something I'd been wanting to do for a while and make doughnuts. The main problem with this was I'm terrified of hot oil so had to pick a baked doughnut recipe that didn't use a special tin because I was short on time and this was all despite my extreme skepticism that baked doughnuts could even work in the first place.

I don't know if there was a problem in the recipe I chose, a problem with our oven or that we were just having a bit of an off day but it ended up a complete disaster. I'd prepared a delicious filling and topping all ready for the doughnuts to do their thing but they didn't rise at all in the oven despite being fine on both proves and the dough turned crispy and flaky on the outside whilst not baking at all in the middle. I was a little bit crushed.

Life has been pretty crazy recently and despite really needing some time to focus on other projects alongside Dave and I being quite ill this week and really needing time to rest, I didn't want to give up on the challenges. I realise that my views are still extremely low by most peoples standards and that 99% of them still probably come from my mum but over the past few months of actually using my blog I've had so many welcoming and encouraging people leave comments or talk to me on twitter and instagram and to not see the challenge through really felt like letting everyone down. And as someone who is notorious for starting projects and hobbies and not following them through, it really felt like letting myself down too.

But sometimes things just go wrong. What you don't see on our blogs is the weeks of soggy bottoms and burnt edges that it can take to get a recipe right. You don't see all the blurry photos with the bad lighting, we don't write up all the bad days and the trips that we didn't like. But things do to wrong. We aren't walking pinterest boards (or I'm not at least).

Anyway, that's probably enough feeling sorry for myself so now I'll let you all be the judge of my dough-nots.

All going well.

Delicious balls of dough.

Not doughnuts. Definitely positively not even close to doughnuts.

So there we go.

Luckily, because this isn't the real bake off I still get to come back next week. In the mean time don't forget you can find all the other recipes here.


  1. Laura HunterSeptember 24, 2014

    Arrrr Hannah! I hate cooking with hot oil too so I totally get where you're coming from! xxx

  2. Sorry to hear this week didn't go quite to plan Hannah. You're right though, for all the decent recipes I post there are plenty more failed attempts and unappetising photos that nobody sees! Hope you haven't been put off baking completely because I'm looking forward to more posts :) x

  3. I always claim I'm just 'experimenting' when my bakes turn out disastrously! I think you just have to be brave sometimes, try a recipe that's a bit of risk and just laugh it off when it goes wrong.

    I'm also struggling to keep out with the GBBO recipes now- I can't seem to get good bakes and good photos at the same time.

    Jennifer x

  4. Hannah WebsterSeptember 25, 2014

    Experimenting definitely sounds about right for this! Haha. Yeah I'm over the crushing disappointment now, if it wasn't for the challenges I'd have not cared at all and just had another go the next day but its hard when things go wrong and you have 'deadlines' to meet with them.

    It's definitely hard keeping it up but I guess it wouldn't be worth it if it was too easy! We'll feel ace at the end (I'm hoping!) x

  5. Hannah WebsterSeptember 25, 2014

    Ohh definitely not! I'll be back in the kitchen soon, just maybe not making doughnuts ;) I'm not really used to showing anything on my blog that hasn't been quite carefully planned so it was more tough because of that than because of the actual baking messing up! Thank you though lovely, the responses to this have been so comforting :) x


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