Rose Madeleines

10 September 2014

Rose Madeleines

It's European Cakes week in the tent and once again an eager group of bloggers are setting out to create their own showstoppers for you lovely readers. I won't lie, I had no idea where to start with this one.

I've never actually been to Europe (unless you count Disneyland or are being pedantic and bringing up that we in the UK are technically part of Europe but I decided I'd at least try and do the challenge properly.) So my knowledge of 'foreign' food isn't exactly great but my knowledge of the internet is pretty darn good and one of the super trendy cakes on the internet this year has been the french "cake cookie hybrid" - madeleines.

Thinking they were just regular cakes shaped like pretty seashells (and what woman doesn't want to make shell cakes so she can pretend to be a mermaid for the afternoon?), I'd had these on my mental 'to bake' list for a while now. After researching them for this week's bake I realised they weren't quite as easy as I'd first thought but the lovely Angela gave me some advice (check out her post on madeleines here for a much more in depth guide and a more traditional/challenging recipe) and I picked a very simple recipe with only a few alterations to make for my first go.

I was hoping that after all this research I would nail my perfect mermaid cakes first time but alas, they still took several attempts to get right. After seeing Angela overfill her moulds on the first bake, I then hugely underfilled mine. They cook in under 10 minutes so in future I think I'm going to do one lonely madeleine as a test bake for any recipes with them to properly assess how much the tins need to be filled.

I also had some problems with my moulds on the first bake. I bought a lovely silicone tray from Lakeland which I was super pleased with because the sides are much sturdier than any silicone bakeware I've had before but I think because of the shape it sort of warped in the oven on the first bake, looking like there were big bumps in the tray. I guessed that this was from being sat on the wire shelves of the oven and it not being able to support itself so I moved a flat baking tray underneath for the rest and while I was a bit worried at first this might mess up the heat distribution, they all came out fine from then on.

So aside from the few bits I just mentioned, I didn't actually have very many problems with this one but I did go for a very simple recipe because I was still recovering from last weeks bake off drama. 

Ingredients (makes approx 14)
2 eggs
100g plain flour
100g melted butter
100g caster sugar
1 drop of rose water
2 lemons, zest only
1 tsp baking powder

Whisk together the eggs and sugar until frothy then slowly stir in the rest of the ingredients. From what I read the aim here is to keep as much air in the mix as possible. Leave the mixture to stand for at least 2 hours but ideally leave it overnight in the fridge.

Grease your madeleine tray and lightly dust with flour then fill each mould about half full with mix (or do a test one first to see how much you'll need!) and bake at 200c for between 8-10 minutes. 


  1. Every time I'm in Lakeland I think about picking up a mould for madeleines but I've always thought they'd be tricky. Think I need to branch out with my baking a bit! Rose water sounds like such a good addition to them :) x

  2. I've never thought of making these- but I could do with an alternative use for my rose water after overusing it a bit on my raspberry and rose ice cream last week! Very efficient with this post too- baked my European cake this afternoon but haven't written it up yet!
    Jennifer x

  3. I tried making madeleines recently as well; luckily I managed to get it filled the right amount but I felt a bit paranoid reading the instructions in case I missed something!

    Saskia /

  4. Hannah WebsterSeptember 16, 2014

    They aren't as tricky as I thought actually! And they look so so pretty. It's definitely one I'll be doing again :) x

  5. Hannah WebsterSeptember 16, 2014

    Ooh well done! I can't wait to see what you made :) Raspberry and rose ice cream sounds delicious, I've got so much rose water left now so I might have to give that a go!

  6. Hannah WebsterSeptember 16, 2014

    Ahh I don't know why I had so much trouble with filling them, I checked so many times that I hadn't missed something out to make them rise! I think they're just quite fussy little beggars haha x


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