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5 September 2014

Waitrose Fruit Cup, Paperchase Rolling Pin and BHS Glasses

Over the past few months I've become a complete home/kitchenware junkie. I can't seem to go anywhere without buying something new (despite still not having unpacked fully from the last time I moved, two months ago).  Since moving out of home, I've loved shopping for homewares. In student/rented accommodation you can't decorate so I've found that little touches like candles, photographs and nice mugs for your morning cuppa can make a really big difference in making your surroundings feel more homely.

In todays post I want to share a few of my favourite purchases from the past few months as a sort of mini haul/round up post for Summer. Hopefully this will give you a little inspiration for your next shopping trip and give you all some more insight into my life as well (as if thats something anyone is desperate for).

Paperchase Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin (Paperchase)
This was by far my favourite purchase over the past few months and anyone who follows me on instagram will have seen this. I found it in the paperchase sale for £9 and while that seemed like quite a lot for a rolling pin (to me anyway) it was half price and it's so incredibly sturdy I think it'll last me a really long time. It's much heavier than my old wooden rolling pin and much easier to use in terms of getting an even roll from pastry or dough as well. The pattern was also a big selling point to me, I know how a rolling pin looks doesn't have any impact on how the food will actually taste but I think having nice things to cook with makes the whole process feel more fun and can help inspire me to make the extra effort to prepare something myself rather than just getting it from a shop.

Cath Kidston Floral Duvet Set Dupe

Floral Bedsheets (eBay)
I've been looking for some floral sheets in the sort of Cath Kidston style for a while but even in sales or shops like Primark the prices just never seem to get that low so I was pretty excited when I found some new ones on eBay. They're going to be great for brightening up my room, especially now it's getting colder and all I'm going to want to do is snuggle up under my duvet! They also have a cute polka dot pattern on the other side so I can flip them over if I fancy a change which basically makes them two sets of sheets for the price of one if you ask me.

BHS Owl Mug and Silver Rimmed Glass

Silver Rimmed Tumblers (BHS)
I have already mentioned these on the blog here but we've spent so long looking for some glasses in this style thanks to Mad Men (I'm still surprised its taken this long for any halfway decent dupes to appear) that I had to include them because I'm so pleased with this purchase. They look so sophisticated and nice, they're great for jazzing up any drink.

Owl Mug (BHS)
I really shouldn't have bought this. I probably own at least 20 mugs and a full china tea set which is far more than any sole human being could possibly need but it was in the sale and it's just so ruddy adorable. Also it's really large, which is always nice in a mug because you get extra tea for less trips to the kettle.

Hestons Fruit Cup for Waitrose

Hestons Fruit Cup (Waitrose)
I won't say too much about this because I already wrote a review/recipe here but it's basically the best drink I've had this summer. I could happily drink this like fruit juice, as long as I didn't have anything else to do that day. It's also only £12 right now on the Waitrose site which is £4 less than when I bought it in store so I'm pretty tempted to fill my whole fridge. 

Sistema Lunchbox Bento Box and ASDA Living Milk Carton Style Jug

Sistema Lunch Box (Asda)
I've been desperately trying to find healthier lunch options over the last few weeks and in browsing the internet for inspiration became obsessed with bento style lunch boxes, in particular YumBox. They are perfect for keeping salads, sauces and other bits and bobs separate until lunch time without you having to carry a bag full of different packets but I just can't justify spending twenty five pounds (PLUS p&p!) on a lunch box, even if it does come in nice colours and have pictures of fruit inside. So when I spotted these little boxes for £3 in Asda I was pretty pleased. They only have two compartments but I bought two of them and use one for taking salad and another for snacks/dessert and it works perfectly. They're also completely leakproof, really compact and come in a range of colours and they have a whole range of different sizes. Nice one Sistema.
(I can't find this exact one on their website but I think you can get them in most supermarkets in store)

Milk Jug (Asda)
I could have quite happily bought almost every item in Asda's kitchenware range right now, they've done such a good job but since I only went in to buy some apples I limited myself to this adorable jug and a couple of cute pastel bowls. I've been looking for a small milk jug for a while because I drink a lot of loose leaf tea and when I have friends over they currently have to stand around awkwardly in the kitchen waiting for it to steep or I end up bringing and entire bottle of milk into my living room along with the teapot which then leaves me with warm, turned milk because I forget to put it back until everyone's gone home. £3 seemed a really small investment for something which could potentially save the lives of hundreds of bottles of milk in the future (and my friends patience) so I'm expecting to get a lot of use from this.

Canon Style Camera Lense Mug

Camera Mug (gift, similar here)
Yup, another mug.  I told you I had a problem but in my defence I didn't actually buy this for myself. These aren't new items at all and I did actually own a slightly different one a few years ago but the lovely boys and girls at soundLINCS bought me this mug as one of my leaving presents at the start of the Summer and I love it so much. I've been using at my new desk to bring a little bit of my own personality to my workspace and it makes my tea breaks even more fun. There are a lot of these all over the web at varying price points but I've linked to the one which looked the most like the one I own because I really like the lid on mine - it actually looks like the glass from the lens and screws on tight enough to make it portable.

That's some of the highlights of my Summer purchases. Let me know what you thought of this post, I'd love to do more like this in future (although maybe more than seasonally since it ended up being a lot longer than I'd first intended!). What were your best finds this season?


  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster award! See my post for more info:

  2. I have a similar milk jug, it has cow print all over it!
    I love buying things for the kitchen! Oh, and I still have one box to unpack and I moved in 2 years ago... oops.

  3. The camera mug is so cute! I must have it in my life lol xx


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