BrewHaus, Lincoln

22 November 2014

Brooklyn Ale

Last week Shradha invited me to join her and a group of other lovely ladies to try out BrewHaus, Lincoln's newest bar and restaurant as part of their press event. The nightlife in Lincoln has come a long way in my four and half years in the city, now with plenty of venues to choose from, all aiming to offer their own unique spin on the bar experience. I was excited to see what BrewHaus would bring to the mix and whether it could compete with any of my current favourite venues and earn a repeat visit.

Carrot Cake Cookies

11 November 2014

Carrot Cake Cookies

A/W is all about comfort food for me. There is nothing better than cosy weekends at home with friends drinking tea, watching films and eating some lovely home baked goods and these are probably some of the cosiest, most comforting biscuits I've ever made. They have a very soft, cakey texture which combined with all the warming spices just makes them taste like a big friendly hug. It's beautifully autumnal.

Orange and Cardamom Madeleines

9 November 2014

Orange Cardamom Madeleines

One of the problems I had during the blogger bake off (other than the serious lack of time and difficulty of recipes) was that it inspired me to make many many trips to the homewares sections of my local department stores to stock up on new and exciting tools to complete the bakes. I wanted to challenge my technical skills and my presentation and this meant I was starting to require some more specialist kit than just a sandwich tin and some pretty cupcake cases. Now this probably doesn't sound like a big issue (other than the obvious toll it took on my bank account) but it led to me ending up with cupboard full of exciting new kitchenware that I just didn't have the time to play with.

When I wanted to make my Rose Madeleines I spent hours deciding on what kind of mould to purchase to give them their beautiful shell patterns but I've barely had a chance to use it since. I love playing with new forms and seeing how different flavours will work together with them so now my little break from cooking is done, I couldn't wait to get in and start experimenting.

Free State Kitchen, Liverpool

4 November 2014

Free state KitchenLet's get this out of the way first: I really don't rate burgers as a food group. Sure I'll eat a charred meat sandwich at a barbecue to fit in, but generally, it's pretty rare I'll order a burger when we eat out. Very occasionally a craving will come but even then I'll usually opt for making something at home rather than heading to the nearest pub. Mostly I can go months without wanting one at all. They just don't excite me. So when I tell you that I took no convincing to make a second visit to Free State Kitchen, you know they must be doing something right. This place takes burgers to a whole other level.

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