BrewHaus, Lincoln

22 November 2014

Brooklyn Ale

Last week Shradha invited me to join her and a group of other lovely ladies to try out BrewHaus, Lincoln's newest bar and restaurant as part of their press event. The nightlife in Lincoln has come a long way in my four and half years in the city, now with plenty of venues to choose from, all aiming to offer their own unique spin on the bar experience. I was excited to see what BrewHaus would bring to the mix and whether it could compete with any of my current favourite venues and earn a repeat visit.

When we first entered the bar, which is housed inside the old Constitutional Club building, I was taken aback by how open and inviting it was. As a craft beer bar, the exposed brick and slightly industrial aesthetic was all as I'd expected but throughout the two rooms, what really struck me was how spacious and well laid out it was. Eating in bars can sometimes feel much too busy and chaotic for me but there was plenty of room between all of the tables as well as lots of open floor space for walking around. They've made lovely use of the beautiful old building and you'd never even know there was a nightclub just above. (Apologies for the poor photo quality here, my tiny little camera worked its socks off all night but it was pretty dark/atmospheric inside).

Brewhaus Bar Craft Beer and Cocktail Haus

Cocktail Bar, Brewhaus

Pie and Mash at Brewhaus Lincoln

We kicked off the evening with some pies to share, accompanied by a small glass of Brooklyn Ale each. The staff explained to us that their specialities will be pies and pizza and that the range of pies will all be accompanied by a choice of mash potato (creamy, cheddar, garlic, my heart was racing by this point...) and a choice of peas. They recommended us two types of chicken pie and a vegetarian option. I won't say too much about the pies because apparently they're going to be changing them all very soon but we were really impressed by them, especially with the vegetarian one because vegetarian food can sometimes be a bit of an after thought but this was probably my favourite of the three, it was packed full of flavour. I don't want to say much about the ale either because I don't really drink beers or ales ever so my word on this wouldn't count for much. What I do know about is potatoes. I am crazy about potatoes, with mash being my favourite (I'll regularly just eaten a bowl of mash or boiled potatoes for dinner with nothing else) and this was heavenly. It was the creamiest mash I've ever had and I would happily have just carried on eating plate fulls of it all night while everyone else tried the rest of the menu. I cannot wait to have more of that mash potato in my life.

Now I can't write about our night without telling you a little bit more about the menus. The team at BrewHaus are really keen to create an experience for diners and it's the little details of the place that really help add a sense of fun and uniqueness, the menu being one of them. It won't appeal to everyone I'm sure but choosing our pizzas from a list that included 'The Morrisey' and 'Missionary Position with the Lights Off' (that second one is a traditional margherita, to clarify) made for great table conversation and helped keep the tone of the meal light and fun. 

Shradha Mishra at Brewhaus

Our first pizza was a meat lovers dream, a bolognese sauce, barbecue sauce and stringy mozzarella topped off with delicious pulled pork and meatballs. I think the bolognese and meatballs are a great touch here. While a lot of places are still catching up to the pulled pork hype and adding burgers to their menus, BrewHaus have offered a different and more interesting combination. This pizza was a big, big hit with our table. My favourite though was definitely the slightly more summery 'Shut up and Take my Money'. One of their lovely handmade pizza doughs, topped with buffalo mozzarella, lovely fresh rocket, parma ham, cherry tomatoes and parmezan shavings. I've had pretty similar pizzas in other restaurants before but this one was definitely one of the best. Every ingredient was fresh and of great quality. We all agreed that things like tomatoes which are often a little bit disappointing on pizzas, in this instance tasted fantastic and the flavour combination here was spot on. I'd have liked to have had an option for black pepper (we weren't supplied any condiments with the meal) but otherwise the pizza course got a big thumbs up from me. 

Shut Up and Take My Money Pizza

Hannah Webster at Brewhaus

To accompany our pizzas we also chose a selection of cocktails, once again with some fantastic names. I opted for the 'Rainbow Road - Back to Rehab', a sour, vodka based cocktail with fruity mixers, topped with a fizzy belt sweet and a glowstick. They've really chosen to do away with the classics and focus on showmanship with the cocktail menu (there wasn't a single drink I recognised) which I'm sure will irritate some or feel gimmicky but in a city that is full to the brim with cocktail bars, it was really nice to try something a little different and I think definitely helps BrewHaus stand out from the crowd. 

Pizza and Cocktails at Brewhaus

We were also treated to some live music while we finished our pizzas, to give us a taste of what their music nights will be like. We enjoyed acoustic covers of lots of popular songs, at a perfect level to create atmosphere and background during the meal but without ruining our options for conversation. Live music can be very hit and miss and of course it really depends on if you like the performers that night but I was very impressed with the taster we got here and won't need much convincing to visit one of their live music nights in future.

Live Music at Brewhaus Lincoln

Rainbow Road Back to Rehab

Cocktails at Brewhaus Lincoln

At this point in the evening BrewHaus had already pushed all the right buttons with our group, from the incredible quality of the food to the welcoming staff we were having a wonderful time. And then the lovedough pizza happened. I'd been aware of the concept of 'dessert pizzas' for a while but never really had enough inclination to make one. Throughout the evening so far we'd been enjoying taking photos, tweeting our thoughts and just generally chatting to each other about the world. We ate the dessert pizza quickly, quietly and without a single person touching their phone. I snapped one quick photo before tucking in (and even that was a struggle) and that was it. That's how good this was. More of the fantastic fresh pizza bases but this time topped with nutella, crushed nuts, honey, oreos and fresh strawberries. I don't like nuts and I usually think oreos and strawberries are pretty overrated food groups but I could have happily eaten this entire dessert to myself. I'd probably have felt quite ill afterwards, but I wouldn't have cared, it's a magical thing.

Lovedough Pizza

Lovedough Pizza

Antipasti Martini

We were treated to one more cocktail each to end the evening. After the very sugary dessert pizza I decided something a little more savoury was in order so chose the 'Antipasti Martini'. I thought this was quite a unique sounding drink that was quite different to other cocktails I'd tried and I wasn't disappointed. I would have like to see more gin based cocktails on the menu in the first place but this may be something that will grow in time and until then, I won't mind ordering plenty more of the martinis.

Overall, I was really impressed with our first BrewHaus experience (as if I wouldn't love a place that combines desserts and pizza into one single plate of heaven). There is some definite heart behind all their decisions that sets it apart from some of the other 'trendy' venues to have appeared in the city recently and while there is space for improvement, I'll definitely be going back to see their progress.

**We were kindly given complimentary food and drink as part of the press and media event. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 


  1. The dessert pizza was definitely a winning choice haha. I can't get over how impressed I was with this place, a lot of the girls thought it was a bit too nice for Lincoln! :') I've been back since just for a drink and the service was still fab, I'd love to know what you think if you do get time to check it out :)

  2. This place looks so good! I love the idea of a dessert pizza, I never pick them when they are on the menu as I'm always a bit unsure but glad it was delicious! Sounds like a good addition to your city :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I also live in Lincoln and didn't even know this place existed! It looks amazing, will have to go some time. Thanks for review! Xx

  4. I was exactly the same but now I've had one there will be no turning back!

  5. Ahh that's ace. Yeah I hadn't heard too much about it, it's on the ground floor or the old Tokyo building under the night club (Circle) and it's great to see the rest of the building used for something, it's just a little hidden all the way out there! I'd love to hear what you think if you go :) x

  6. Ahh! I WANT THE PIZZA! This looks so lovely. Sounds like a great evening and atmosphere!

    Corinne x

  7. That pie looks so amaziiiiing! I've had dessert pizza before - it was orgasmic! Mine was nutella and strawberries so of course it tasted amazing! Xx

    Shaqinah // Shoes & Roses

  8. This bar sounds amazing - I absolutely love the interior and you're making my mouth water with all that food & cocktails!

  9. Hold on, back up and wait a second... DESSERT PIZZA?!

    Great review though, I love the look of the drinks too, that cocktail sounds really interesting...


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