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24 December 2014

I don't usually do these sorts of posts but the lovely Angela from Patisserie Makes Perfect tagged me with some festive questions and since I didn't have much planned for the blog over the next few days I thought I'd put aside my inner scrooge for a while and give it a go.

Favourite Festive Food Of course it has to be something sweet for me, mince pies and lebkuchen. It just wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Favourite Reindeer It's probably got to be Rudolph, I love an underdog.

Favourite Day of Christmas This has to be Lincoln Christmas market weekend. I know that's not a day exactly but I love Christmas shopping and Dave and I always go together and it's just perfect.

Favourite Christmas Song I'm with Angela here, I actually hate all of them.

Favourite Present I can't really think of much off the top of my head. It's not really about the presents is it?

Favourite Festive Film Love Actually all the way. It has everything. Over the top English accents. Turtlenecks. Nativity lobsters. More turtlenecks. Cute children. More turtlenecks. It's the perfect Christmas film.

Favourite Festive Cracker Toy They're all terrible though really aren't they? I like the paper hats. I'll say the paper hats.

Favourite Cracker Joke I can't even remember any, I'm terrible at this.

Favourite Christmas Decoration The wooden christmas pud I bought from a craft and wood fayre this year, it's the cutest thing.

Favourite Christmas Scent All the spices of mince meat or christmas pudding, mmmm.

Favourite Christmas TV Advert I am pretty obsessed with this right now. Baby animals singing Yazoo = perfect.

Favourite Festive Tradition Err, Christmas is different for me every single year (because yay divorce) so we have 0 traditions. I'm going to skip this one.

Favourite Place to Spend Christmas My grandparents house out in the country side. We don't usually go on Christmas day but very close to it we'll usually go and have a second dinner with them and then all sit around catching up over a cup of tea by their open fire. It's peaceful and wonderful.

Favourite Christmas Fact I don't really know any of these either. Except that the coca cola/santa 'fact' is total rubbish, which I guess is kind of an anti-fact.

Favourite Snowman Accessory A scarf. It makes no sense, he doesn't need to keep warm, he is literally made of snow but we still wrap them up in scarves anyway, so adorable.

Favourite Winter Clothing Samples Comfy cardigans and big fluffy socks.

Favourite Christmas Makeup Glitter. Glitter everywhere.

Chocolate or Cheeseboard Can I have both? Otherwise *plot twist* I'd probably say cheese at christmas because you get so much chocolate and other sweets during the holidays, and I do love cheese.

I think I've picked this up pretty late so I tag anyone that wants to give it ago. I'll be back with more food after the holidays and I have lots planned for 2015 but (here's the soppy bit) thank you to everyone who has read the blog this year and all the lovely people who've welcomed me in to the community. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Enjoyed reading this. I too would ask for both the chocolates and cheeseboard. I really love the McVittie's advert, the baby animals are so sweet Lucy

  2. Everyones favourite reindeer has to be Rudolf! I'm all for the cheese boards, I'm not a chocolate fan but I could sit and eat cheese all day. Hope you have a great Christmas.

    Corinne x

  3. I'm a sucker for anything with baby animals! Hope you're enjoying the holidays :) x

  4. Thanks Corinne, I hope you're having a great time. Cheese is amazing, am I the only person who doesn't really trust people that don't like cheese? x


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