Dragonfly Tea Review

28 January 2015

If you've been on this blog before (and seen any of these recipes) you might have noticed that I rather like tea. Yes, like most of Britain, I firmly believe that tea solves everything. It's the first thing many of us want in the morning, the first thing we offer someone when they visit our home or workplace and our first thought when someone nearby needs comforting. Tea, whichever blend you chose, there is nothing quite like it. 

So when Dragonfly Tea* sent me a box of their organic tea bags to try I was thoroughly excited. 

I wasn't immediately struck by the packaging, the white boxes are a little plain compared to some other teas I'd tried recently but I really like the dragonfly logo who appears in different colours on every box. For three of the teas I recieved, the bags were individually packaged, which I love. It makes them perfect for taking to work with me or as someone who can't stand certain varieties of 'ordinary' tea bags, I can keep some of these in my handbag for visiting friends or family (I already take my own tea when staying with my parents so this wouldn't be as offensive to them as it might sound).

NoLita Cantina, Liverpool

17 January 2015

So I'm a really big fan of planning everything in advance and when things change last minute or get cancelled, I'm definitely not much fun to be around. At all. Especially if it involves food. If I have my heart set on some food, whether it's visiting a particular venue or cooking something new at home, and it doesn't go as planned, then I am crushed.

During the Christmas break we set an entire day aside to travel and visit a new restaurant for brunch. But when taking another look at their menu the night before we realised that it menu didn't quite line up with the opening times on the rest of the website and after a quick tweet and were disappointed (understatement) to be told (a little rudely I felt but that's a different issue) that they weren't actually serving brunch at all that day. This probably seems like an overreaction but I really, really, like food you guys (#sorrynotsorry).

G & Tea Cocktail

1 January 2015

G & Tea Cocktail

I spotted this G & Tea drink in M&S a few weeks ago while doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I don't usually buy pre mixed cocktails but this one I could not resist, especially after seeing it appear in Jaye's tea cocktails post this week. It contains pretty much everything I could ever want in a drink - gin? check! tea? check! a pun in the name that I found far more amusing than I really should have? that's a definite check! unnecessary amounts of edible glitter to help you show all your holiday guests how fun and whimsical and festive you are? check! I never stood a chance.

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