Dragonfly Tea Review

28 January 2015

If you've been on this blog before (and seen any of these recipes) you might have noticed that I rather like tea. Yes, like most of Britain, I firmly believe that tea solves everything. It's the first thing many of us want in the morning, the first thing we offer someone when they visit our home or workplace and our first thought when someone nearby needs comforting. Tea, whichever blend you chose, there is nothing quite like it. 

So when Dragonfly Tea* sent me a box of their organic tea bags to try I was thoroughly excited. 

I wasn't immediately struck by the packaging, the white boxes are a little plain compared to some other teas I'd tried recently but I really like the dragonfly logo who appears in different colours on every box. For three of the teas I recieved, the bags were individually packaged, which I love. It makes them perfect for taking to work with me or as someone who can't stand certain varieties of 'ordinary' tea bags, I can keep some of these in my handbag for visiting friends or family (I already take my own tea when staying with my parents so this wouldn't be as offensive to them as it might sound).

They also came with cute little phrases on the tags and so far every one I've opened has said something different. With every cup there's a lovely secret message just for me and every time I put the kettle on I'm excited to see what it'll say. I honestly can't tell you how much I love this little bit of branding, it's just the sweetest thing.

The first tea I tried was their Earl Grey Rooibos. Described on the dragonfly website as 'naturally caffeine free' and with a 'sweet, nutty taste' I really wanted to see how rooibos would compare in flavour to my usual beverages as I'm trying to restrict the amount of rubbish I put in my body right now.

It was definitely a lot more subtle than any earl grey I've had before. I usually prefer a bit of a punch from my teas but if you were used to a 'builders' blend and wanted to branch out for the first time this might be a really good way to sort of ease into trying some new flavours. 

I'm a little bit obsessed with all things chai, so there's no way I could try out anyone new without seeing their take on it. The Cape Malay Chai (another rooibos) was a little bit muted compared to other chais I've had before. It didn't give me the same warmth and I couldn't really get past the general earthy flavour of it. Probably not one I'll be rushing back to.

The Indian Spiced Chai was the only black tea I tried and it was definitely more up my street. As with the rest of the range, it was a little soft to replace any of my existing favourite blends but I can see myself drinking this more on lazy mornings in the warmer months when I won't want/need so much spice. 

Finally, as a surprise treat Dragonfly threw in their 'Swirling Mist' white tea. I don't think I'd ever tried a white tea before so I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this one. It was very, very gentle (Dave's only reaction was 'tastes just like mist', because he loves helping with reviews), but not too dissimilar in actual flavours to a traditional english or afternoon tea. Once again, it's not one I'd reach for every day because I do like a good strong cup usually but I think maybe if I had guests for afternoon tea and cake, this would be a really nice one to present that everyone would be able to enjoy.

Disclaimer: Dragonfly Tea sent me the teas for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Love the sound of these - the packaging is so cute and it sounds like they taste great too. I absolutely love your photography too - you've made me excited to go home and have a cup of tea! x

    Beth / www.bethany-georgina.com

  2. I really appreciate your honest reviews! I also tend to gravitate towards stronger flavoured teas but I like the sound if some if these!

    I'm so curious about what you used as a background for these photos. Is it a wallpaper, piece of paper, or something else? It is lovely and I must know!

    xx Kathryn

  3. I'm not sure about the rooibos at all! Looks like I'll be sticking with caffeine for the time being...x

  4. Thanks Kathryn, there's a lot to like about them, they just haven't become a new favourite for me but everyone's tastes are different I suppose! :)

    It's a big peice of printed paper I bought, I'm not sure what it was meant to be but I've got it as a print/poster on my wall, I love it. I seriously wish I'd bought more now because using it as wallpaper would have been so cool! I totally meant to give them a mention in the post actually and forgot! I can't find that print on sale anymore (I got it in a gallery shop for only a few pounds) but I think it's from a company called Urban Graphic and the rest of their site is amazinngg http://www.urbangraphic.co.uk/ :)

  5. Ooh that sounds good, I'm not a big fan of green tea but I think how subtle all their teas are makes them quite good for sort of easing into new flavours if that makes sense? :) x

  6. I'm always looking for a good chai! I found some a while ago in a health food store and then they stopped stocking it. I always find them too subtle for my liking. I love the cups in this post Hannah. They're gorgeous! x

  7. Ohh thats such a shame :( I have to order mine, I'm a big fan of ones with a bit of heat, the Waterloo Teas one is my absolute favourite. Jaye has a good post on making your own that I really want to try though! :) x

  8. Yay! I'm always excited for a cup of tea, there is nothing better x

  9. I will check out Jaye's post and Waterloo Teas. Thanks very much Hannah. x

  10. Dragonfly tea sounds awesome, especially since it's organic! Earl Grey sounds perfect, that's one of my go to teas in the morning. Thank you for the great review!

  11. I've recently become more adventurous with my teas! I need to get on this chai bandwagon! Great post and photos! Love the mugs.. Is that weird? Hahaha! Hope you have a great day Hannah xx


  12. Haha I don't think its weird, I basically collect mugs and teacups and I love seeing other peoples kitchen and homewares. Chai is my favourite thing, I am crazy for cinnamon and spices. It's not the best I've had but the twinnings chai or the indian spice I reviewed here are both mild-ish blends that might be good for a first time try. Or find an independent coffee shop and get a chai latte (don't go to one of the major chains for them though, they're all so so bad and are basically like just drinking a cup of powdered cinnamon!) x

  13. Ohh okay, thanks for the advice! I will 100% try it and get back to you x

  14. Oooh these all sound lovely! I like the idea of the earl grey one- i'm such a fan of earl grey right now :) Love your mug too it's gorgeous :)


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