Borough Market, London

22 February 2015

Since moving to Lincoln five years ago, I've gone from visiting London every two or three months, to visiting only every two-three years. In all honesty, I hadn't really been missing it. I've been so enamoured recently with northern cities and as the last few times I'd passed through it had been for two of the worst job interviews/days of my whole life, I wasn't in a rush to get back. But a couple of weeks ago for Dave's birthday, we decided it was time to get out of Lincoln for a bit and spend a day rediscovering our love for the capital. Spoiler alert, London is well and truly back in my good books  thanks to a full day of amazing food, much of which happened at our first stop of the day, Borough Market.

Afternoon Tea at Bunty's Tea Room, Lincoln

12 February 2015

Buntys Lincoln Scones

I'm not exactly sure how I lived so much out my life without the excitement of afternoon teas but after trying my first one at the food bloggers meet in December, and then seeing so many amazing afternoon teas on Emily's blog recently, I was desperate for another round. I'd been hearing pretty good things about the one Bunty's Tea Room for a while now so when Dave and I finally had a free afternoon recently we decided to give it a go. 

Bunty's is a 'traditional' vintage inspired tea room with a very 40s/war time feel. It's very pretty inside and has a strong sense of their 'brand' but unlike some similar tea rooms I've seen it manages to stay away from being too gimmicky or kitsch (no one is in costume which was a good start). It's near the top of Lincoln's Steep Hill, a few minutes from the cathedral and castle too which combined with Lincoln's growing vintage scene means it fits in really well. 

St Martin's Coffee, Leicester

5 February 2015

I've always had a bit of a 'thing' for coffee shops. Growing up, there was nowhere local to me that I could get a coffee except greasy spoons and McDonald's and at home we drank one kind of tea and instant coffee. So as a teenager, when we'd visit larger cities and I'd occasionally be treated to a Starbucks or a Costa coffee (stick with me here) I thought it was magical. I was fascinated by the creatives, hipsters and fashionable people ordering their complicated beverages. 

When I got to University, these places became regular haunts for me and my friends. We even got to know some of the staff in a few of them and I’m probably not exaggerating to say they took a solid 30-40 percent of my student loans, especially as a first year student when I lived less than a minutes walk from the city centre. 

Orange and Brandy Cake

1 February 2015

Orange and Brandy Cake

After several unsuccessful baking attempts recently (including a disaster with one of my mothers recipe books after christmas that has made me question whether published books actually test their recipes), I was so pleased last weekend as I placed the last walnut on top of this beauty.

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