Borough Market, London

22 February 2015

Since moving to Lincoln five years ago, I've gone from visiting London every two or three months, to visiting only every two-three years. In all honesty, I hadn't really been missing it. I've been so enamoured recently with northern cities and as the last few times I'd passed through it had been for two of the worst job interviews/days of my whole life, I wasn't in a rush to get back. But a couple of weeks ago for Dave's birthday, we decided it was time to get out of Lincoln for a bit and spend a day rediscovering our love for the capital. Spoiler alert, London is well and truly back in my good books  thanks to a full day of amazing food, much of which happened at our first stop of the day, Borough Market.

I'd never been to Borough Market before but Dave was in charge of itinerary and when we first reached the city he wanted to stop by to grab some lunch. It quickly exceeded all my expectations and I was in foodie/hipster heaven. I could have spent all day there. I could happy live in the market actually if they would let me. 

I've talked a few times about my love for street food, but as most street food vans anywhere I've lived are pretty questionable, its mostly come from street food restaurants, which are a wholly different experience. (I would take either over a trip to a 'fancy' restaurant, any day of the week though.) The atmosphere across the whole of the market was so friendly, despite it being absolutely freezing and they didn't seem bothered by our constant photo taking either. Because we went on a Monday, it was pretty quiet and not all the traders were there. We were still spoilt for choice though and had to wander round several times before we could make a decision on what we wanted to eat. 

Eventually we both settled on Nana Fanny's. A family run stall, serving salt beef bagels and falafel wraps. As soon as we arrived home Dave was straight onto google trying to figure out how to make salt beef, so that should be proof enough that we enjoyed it. I don't actually know how to describe the salt beef except that some sort of witchcraft or sacrifice to the gods must have happened while we were looking the other way.  The bagels come fresh from a bakery in Brick Lane and the blowtorch melted cheese was a nice touch. My falafel wrap came with a mixture of spices, salad and probably the best falafels I've ever had (although I'll admit that isn't a long list, I was looking at falafel recipes as soon as we got home.) The stall owners were so lovely, we got to choose exactly what went into our meals as they prepared them and when we walked past later they even asked for our thoughts about the food. Every person there seemed to really love the food they were making and it definitely showed.

The market has a gorgeous indoor seating area filled with plants where we sat to eat our food. Even in winter this was really lovely, and it has large windows that on a sunnier day would make it a fantastic dining area. This really set Borough Market apart from any other market I've been to as well. When I'd been told we were visiting a market this wasn't what I expected at all.

Before we left we had to check out the dessert options (even though we were on our way to have cake, but I'll be giving that its own post soon) and I fell in love Comptoir Gourmand. Choosing just one thing to buy from their stall was the most upsetting thing I'd had to deal with in weeks (I know, first world problems over here) but we had another 8 hours of exploring to do and I didn't fancy carrying a box of eclairs on the underground all day. Eventually I settled on a giant raspberry macaron filled with white chocolate ganache. I'm usually all about the miniature desserts but giant macaron are words that I just couldn't resist. 

Our final stop of the market was Tea2You where we picked up some masala chai teas to take away with us for a stroll across the river. I've talked many times about my obsession with chai tea but this one topped them all. Their own blend of loose leaf chai tea, served with freshly grated ginger, honey and black pepper, this was the perfect thing to keep us warm as we strolled around and I now don't know why anyone bothers serving chai any other way. Once again the woman we spoke to in Tea2You was one of the nicest people I've ever met and the service was faultless.

I just can't put into words how amazed with Borough Market I was (if you think I'm excitable in this post you did not want to see me when we were there). It has such a strong identity and I just love everything they're about. It filled me with inspiration for new recipes and flavours to try and it was a lovely start to our visit to talk to so many interesting people about food. If you've never been to Borough Market before, I couldn't recommend it enough. You can find more information about the market and the rest of their vendors here.



  1. Your photography is so beautiful! I love Borough market but haven't been since last year, now I really want to go back soon...

  2. I think I need to go here immediately!

  3. I love markets, the one near me does an amazing falafel wrap too. I think I would have had to get one of those giant pretzels though! Your photos are lovely :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. I lived in London for years and never went to Borough Market but when I went down at Christmas time (like you I seem to only go once a year now!) I decided it was about time I paid it a visit and I absolutely loved it, what an amazing place! My only problem was trying to decide what to eat cos there was just too much choice!

    Chloe x

  5. I'm so jealous! It looks like a great trip. I've only been to London a few times and would love a few days to explore. :)

    Corinne x

  6. Your photos are stunning and I want to eat ALL this food. Looks like a banging day out :)

  7. I always love hearing about your adventures, Hannah! And although I'm so glad to hear that London is back in your good books, it's really interesting to hear that it hasn't always been there. Everyone here is so enamored with the city and raves about it constantly - I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about it. But I guess that's the difference between being a tourist and a local right? That being said, there seems to be a lot to love!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us! I don't even want to tell my partner about salt beef because I'm pretty sure the world would end/he'd never stop talking about it ;)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  8. Thank you! I absolutely loved it there, I bet its amazing on a full market day :)

  9. Ahh that sounds ace! I know, trying to choose what to have was impossible, giant pretzel is definitely on my list for next time! x

  10. Isn't it great? I wish everywhere had markets this good. Choosing was an impossible decision though, I could have happily stayed all day to try everything! x

  11. Awhh thanks Kathryn, my whole life seems to revolve around food right now so hopefully there will be a lot more 'out and about' posts to come! ;) You've summed it up perfectly there, the last visits had all been work related and we'd had to really battle the crowds and couldn't really enjoy the place, this time was a more relaxed, tourist type visit and it definitely rekindled something. It's such a big city too, it's probably all about finding the right areas.
    Yeah probably don't mention salt beef, I haven't heard the end of it for weeks! :') It is delicious though so not necessarily a bad thing... x

  12. I love Borough Market! I used to go all the time for lunch as I used to volunteer in Southwark Cathedral...I haven't been back for ages, you've definitely made me want to visit again soon! x

    Josie’s Journal

  13. I shouldn't have read this post... now I am really pining for a trip to Borough Market. I love food markets as you can graze all the time you are there. My kind of fun! If you like salt beef you have to visit Malty St Market in Bermondsey as Monty's Deli make an AWESOME sandwich :) Seriously google it now!


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