Earl Grey, Orange and Chia Seed Cake

18 March 2015

Earl Grey and Chia Seed Cake

When we were in London last month we stumbled across one of the East India Tea Company shops. I'd heard of the brand (they must be one of the most famous names for tea in the world, surely?) but didn't actually know anything about them so we decided to take the opportunity to find out. The shop was amazing, we were surrounded by high shelves of different blends of tea and there were small glass teapots keeping warm above candles next to some of the shelves. One of the assistants spent some time with us talking us through just a few of the different options available and letting us try small tasters of a few and smelling the leaves of others. My favourite, was an earl grey with orange which we sampled together with some of their earl grey chocolate so that both would melt in the mouth together - a brilliant experience. I'd really only ever seen earl grey with lemon hints before but the orange brings an extra depth to the tea while still keeping it refreshing and fragrant. It's a subtle difference but one I was really taken with.

Epicured, Liverpool

11 March 2015

I've written a lot recently about my love for coffee houses and quirky cafes, but I usually opt for something pretty understated and homely when choosing a venue for a tea or brunch. The recently opened Epicured is quite the departure from the traditional tea shops that I'd usually be found in on a day off, but it's quickly taken up a special place in my heart.

Lemon and Chilli Chicken Pasta

8 March 2015

Lemon Chilli and Chicken Spaghetti

I love spending hours in the kitchen trying new cake flavours, making breads or learning a pastry technique. But like most people, weeknights are not when I want to indulge this hobby. Weeknights are when I want to get straight into my PJs and binge watch whatever the latest fad tv show is or discuss my favourite animals I've seen on the internet that day. I also share a kitchen with three other people and we all arrive home starving in the evenings so it really wouldn't be fair for me monopolise the oven to slow cook complicated meats all night long. I've been determined recently though not to fall back into student eating habits and avoid ready meals and takeaways as much as possible, so I've been revisiting some of the quick 'midweek' recipes that have been successful for me in the past.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London

3 March 2015

 Part 2 of our recent London adventure, and the primary reason for our trip, was that we finally managed to visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe. This month they’re celebrating their first birthday and pretty much any time last year that I’d tried to get tickets they were always fully booked as they only go a couple of months in advance. Our love for cats has always been a bonding point for us, and both Dave and I moan several times a week about not having one of our own yet so when I saw some spaces available for just a few days after his birthday, I quickly snapped them up. 

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