Epicured, Liverpool

11 March 2015

I've written a lot recently about my love for coffee houses and quirky cafes, but I usually opt for something pretty understated and homely when choosing a venue for a tea or brunch. The recently opened Epicured is quite the departure from the traditional tea shops that I'd usually be found in on a day off, but it's quickly taken up a special place in my heart.

Epicured hides right in the centre of Liverpool. Like many of the city's more tucked away spaces, finding it feels a bit like being let it on a secret and it really satisfied my inner hipster. Inside the small shop, we were greeted with an array of bright coloured, 90s-esque memorabilia. The chained up nutella jar, walls of denim and tied up mickey mouse were all a little bit of a shock to the senses at first but it all felt surprisingly welcoming and comfortable. If I'm visiting anywhere that serves food and drink, I want to feel at ease, like I won't be rushed to leave. With its general relaxed attitude, large fluffy cushions and stacks of trendy magazines and books spread across the tables, Epicured definitely felt like somewhere I could happily spend a whole afternoon reading or catching up with friends.

It'd be easy to think with this decor that they're are in it for the gimmicks; appealing to the hipsters and the fashion conscious with childish posters and food to match but the menu was surprisingly adult. The elements are all on the trendy side but with interesting flavour combinations which prove that they really have something of their own to say and should delight any aspiring foodie.

I was worried when we first arrived, as we’d hoped to catch the brunch menu but were actually ten minutes too late. I was pretty hungry at this point and getting a little bit upset we might not have time to revisit later in the week, but, the staff were more than happy to still let us choose a breakfast. They responded so calmly and intuitively, it felt a bit silly having asked in the first place.

I'd seen the avocado, marmite and feta toast (£5.50) on Mattys blog a few days before my visit, and was already confident this would be my order. I'd not ventured very far into the world of avocados yet, but since every other photo on my instagram has an avocado in it right now, I thought it was about time to give them a proper chance, figuring if I didn't like it that much, marmite and feta on toast would do just fine. I needn’t have worried, the flavours complimented each other perfectly. Served on a slice of amazing crunchy fresh bread, it’s safe to say I finally get the avocado hype now and this is one I am definitely going to be making at home soon (Matty also has a recipe for his own take on this dish that I'm going to be trying out).

Dave went for a frittata (prompting a long and discussion about the differences between a fritatta and omelette as well as whether or not either needed to involve cheese - the right answer is of course that everything should involve cheese but that’s an issue for another time). The new potato, bacon and spring onion frittata (£6) came served in a cute little iron skillet and looked absolutely amazing. There was plenty of filling and the eggs were really light and fluffy. This was also served with a slice of toast and butter. I've recently seen Epicured's bread is supplied by one of my all time favourite eateries in the city The Little Macaron Shop. Local independents all supporting each other gets a big thumbs up from me here and it's also lovely to see even more growth from the macaron team who have had an amazing year.

Wanting to get the full experience, we decided to try out some of their dessert menu as well. I chose the baked vanilla cheesecake. I've no idea why I ordered it, because I’m not a big cheesecake fan and usually avoid ‘plain’ or vanilla cheesecakes, often choosing not have cake at all if that's all that is on the menu. My subconscious definitely won here though, because this cheesecake was fantastic. It was velvety and smooth and had a lovely rich flavour. Proof that you don’t always need crazy flavour combinations or showy decorating to make really good cake.

Dave, on the other hand, went for a slice of rocky road salami which was full of sensory surprises. At first glance this seems like your standard rocky road, something I've never been too excited by but amongst all the usual chocolate, marshmallow and nuts was a selection of fruity jelly beans and other sweets. This summed up Epicured for me pretty perfectly, feeling like an adult dessert but with a childlike sense of fun and abandon.

**Epicured did not know that I would be reviewing them and all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my god this place looks so wonderful! Liverpool isn't too far from me either, I shall put it on my to do list. I am a huge cheesecake fan, so I'm rather excited by this :)
    Miss Pond | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. LOVE the look of this place, will definitely check it out next time I'm in Liverpool!

    Rachel x

  3. Oh my this looks so good! Avocado and feta is one of my fave combinations ever. I need to get up to Liverpool soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. I agree with you, there is something childlike but kinda awesome about your pictures. I think I'd be a bit overwhelmed at first but I LOVE how they serve their food. That toast looks amazing, I'd usually go for the rocky road too, but that cheesecake looks beautiful. Great review :)

  5. Thats exactly it, I thought it would be so uncomfortable but the atmosphere was actually amazing! Thanks Emma :) x

  6. I can't believe I'd never tried it before! I've had it for dinner so many times in the last week, I'm obsessed now! haha. Liverpool is gorgeous, one of my favourite places, I could recommend so many places to eat there! x

  7. It might be rubbish to people who actually like cheesecake normally, I don't know haha :') I could give you so many places to try if you;re in Liverpool though, it's amazing for food! x

  8. Is that a rubics cube? I can totally see how this satisfied your inner hipster! I love that the nutella is tied up. It reminds me of a place to eat around here where they tie the knife and forks to the tables with chains. It was originally done to stop people stealing them but now it's kinda their thing. I can't remember where it is now though!

    Corinne x

  9. Yes! It's the little touches of the place like those that I just loved. That cutlery thing sounds so peculiar, I really want to see now! It must be so odd to eat with x


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