Mexican Eggs Benedict

25 April 2015

I mentioned a while ago that brunch is one of my favourite things lately. A good breakfast is the best way to start the day, but it's not something I have much time for in the week so when we get the time to cook a proper breakfast or brunch, it always feels quite special. I particularly love making it at home because food is one of my favourite ways to show the people I love how much I care and I think friends and family always appreciate the gesture of some good, home cooked food to start off the day.  It gives us some time to sit down together and really connect before everyone goes and does their own thing for the rest of the day. So it might seem twee, or overrated, but for me brunch is pretty much the best meal. Or at least in joint first place with cake. (If anyone has any breakfast cake recipes send 'em my way please!)

Stur Natural Water Enhancers

21 April 2015

Stur water enhancer clearly cranberry and pomegranate

I never used to have a problem with drinking enough water. When I lived with my parents, we always kept our fridge full of bottles or jugs of water ready to drink. Then I moved to uni, and my first day there I was pretty convinced there was something poisonous running through the taps in my new home. I'm not joking. I lived with four other girls and we had to leave a note for our neighbours asking if their water was 'weird as well'. Even once we'd cleared some of the gunk that had been in the taps while the flat was empty, the water in Lincoln still looked and tasted wrong to me. I'm not going to bore you talking about the difference between hard and soft water but we'll just say there is one, and so for the last few years of living here, drinking tap water (without filling it with sugary juices) has been a real problem for me.

Rose Gin Macarons

12 April 2015

Rose gin macarons recipe

It's a funny old thing blogging. It can sometimes put an enormous pressure on everything you create or do, even if that pressure is only in your own head.  Sometimes the best tasting food I make, is the least attractive, or doesn't sound exciting enough, or trendy enough and it never makes it onto the blog. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes

8 April 2015

Red velvet cupcakes

I seem to developing a bit of a habit for being very very late to the party with popular foods. It’s not like I’ve not been aware of them, I just always feel like things are probably being over hyped and I don’t need to rush out and try them. I did it with macarons, I did it with avocado, and I did it with red velvet cake. Well this is me officially renouncing my old hipster foodie ways, and saying that actually, sometimes foods that are on-trend, are actually pretty good.

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