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21 April 2015

Stur water enhancer clearly cranberry and pomegranate

I never used to have a problem with drinking enough water. When I lived with my parents, we always kept our fridge full of bottles or jugs of water ready to drink. Then I moved to uni, and my first day there I was pretty convinced there was something poisonous running through the taps in my new home. I'm not joking. I lived with four other girls and we had to leave a note for our neighbours asking if their water was 'weird as well'. Even once we'd cleared some of the gunk that had been in the taps while the flat was empty, the water in Lincoln still looked and tasted wrong to me. I'm not going to bore you talking about the difference between hard and soft water but we'll just say there is one, and so for the last few years of living here, drinking tap water (without filling it with sugary juices) has been a real problem for me.

Enter Stur and their natural water enhancers*. When I first saw these types of drinks a few years ago, I was really skeptical of them but it turns out they really do work. The tiny bottles apparently make 30 fruity flavoured drinks. 30 drinks. Can you imagine carrying 30 juice drinks around with you all day? This fits in my coat pocket. If that isn't real magic then I don't know what is.

There are a few of these around now but what I really like about stur is that they have no sugar or calories, so if you struggle to get enough water every day or get bored easily of drinking the same things, these are a brilliant alternative to a fizzy drink. I'm not exactly health conscious (I wouldn't share so many cake recipes with you if I was) but even I think this is definitely a plus. I tried the Clearly Cranberry and Pomegranate, and you actually get a lot of flavour for one squeeze of liquid.

They have 6 flavours, including a black tea and lemon that I really want to try soon. The bottles are £3.49 each, or £9.99 for 3, which is a little bit expensive compared to concentrated juices, but I've paid anything up to £2.50 for one bottle of 'healthy' (usually not actually that healthy) flavoured waters and juices before, which makes these not seem too bad at all.

Have you tried liquid water enhancers? Or do you have another tip for drinking more water? Leave a comment and let me know!

*I was kindly sent a sample by The Food Sauce on behalf of Stur Drinks for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and I wouldn't blog about it if I didn't like it.


  1. These sound really good - Im not too bad at drinking water. But sometimes it just gets boring! Itd be a great thing to have in work for a handy addition. Just having something that tastes of something other than water helps me drink more for certain.

  2. Definitely! I'm actually alright at work because we have a water cooler now but like you said, it gets a bit boring after a while and its nice to have a guilt free alternative (more calories you can use later for cake, right?)

  3. My go to drinks are tea (of course) and tap water. Living in Yorkshire we find the water really palatable, though as you say there are many tap waters which simply don't taste 'right'.
    The black tea & lemon flavour sounds good to me.
    It's a wonder you didn't become ill from the dodgy water in your first uni home!
    Angela x

  4. I can't even tell you how bad it was Angela, it was white when we moved in! But even when the pipes cleared and everyone else thought it was fine, it still tasted bad to me and so does the water in my house now. it's just not what I was used too I suppose! x


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