Surprise Inside Chocolate Cupcakes

27 May 2015

Surprise Inside Flowerpot Chocolate Cupcakes

So I feel like it’s been years since I did any real baking. It’s been well over a month since the err, interesting, adventure with the gin macarons, and with plenty of coffee shop dates filling up my weekends lately, our quota for cake has been pretty full. But when Dr.Oetker invited me to try out some of their new ‘surprise inside’ cupcake centres, I couldn’t say no. I knew straight away what I would be making, this would be the perfect chance to get out my apron, my novelty cupcake cases and get my ‘mojo’ back.

The surprise inside range are cupcake fillings (available in chocolate, lemon and salted caramel) that come in their own little squeezy bottles designed to make filling your cakes even easier. I’ve never made filled cupcakes before, regular ones have always done just fine, so I was excited to try these out for two reasons. Firstly, if the fillings tasted nice, it would save tons of preparation and cooking time in future by not making them from scratch (time that could be better spent eating all the leftover raw cake batter, amiright?) but even more importantly, not having to cut the cake open or use a piping bag means no extra mess or washing up. And I hate washing up.

Summer Cocktail Ideas with Oddka

16 May 2015

I think the true sign of British Summertime beginning isn't marked by a calendar, or clocks changing or even really the weather. It's noted by the nations sudden urge to drink alcohol outside all day. It doesn't even have to be that warm. It might be four degrees outside but if we think Summer has arrived, we're having a barbecue damn it, because that's what Brits do. 

Knowing this change was arriving and my weekends would soon be filled with picnics and beer gardens (or more likely crying while I watch thunder storms happen outside), I recently enlisted Dave's help to spend an afternoon with me testing out a few cocktail recipes and this is some of what we came up with.

The Tower Hotel, Lincoln

6 May 2015

Despite proclaiming it as the greatest food invention ever at Christmas, my opportunities for afternoon tea have been disappointingly sparse this year. So when Katy, my favourite northener came to stay with me in Lincoln this week, it seemed a perfect time to rectify this and spend an afternoon catching up over tea and cake.

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