Jam Jar Sponge Cake

24 June 2015

Jam jar sponge cake

If you've ever had a Pinterest account, then you've probably seen all manner of things made or presented in jam jars. From outdoor lighting and makeup storage to layered salads and recipe kits, the humble jam jar really captured the internets attention over the last couple of years. And while some people will ultimately complain about the 'trend', on the whole, I'm still not bored of it. Aside from how much better my collection of jars are for storing food than the rubbish plastic or paper packaging most of my baking supplies are purchased in, I like seeing people be creative with everyday things. Twitter might be demanding that it 'wants plates', but I want food, and life, to be a bit more fun.

La Bottega Delitalia, Lincoln

19 June 2015

La Bottega Delitalia Lincoln

If you walked past La Bottega Delitalia for the first time, you might think it didn't appear to be anything special. It's not somewhere I really noticed my first few years in the city, it doesn't resemble the slick, bars and 'trendy' restaurants that fill the big cities, and it definitely isn't part of Lincoln's more upmarket (read: expensive) food scene. The shop front is a little old, and as my dining partners Katy and Jack pointed out, they're made some 'interesting' font choices with their branding but for people who can get past the exterior, La Bottega Delitalia is known to be a 'hidden gem'.

Blueberry Chocolate Tart

16 June 2015

Blueberry and dark chocolate tart recipe

One of the things I love most about baking or cooking in general is that no matter how much I learn of the science of it, no matter how good I think I've got at guessing what will go together, there's still a kind of mystery, of magic to the process. Sometimes things I've made a hundred times or that seem like they should really work go wrong - I was talking to Ellie from Ellie Bee Bakes recently who agreed and said she has a three strikes rule for recipe development where after 3 goes she just accepts that it isn't going to turn out how she thought. But on the other hand, sometimes things just work. Sometimes a kind of weird magic happens during baking or assembly and something I've had doubts about or have thrown together in a sort of 'well it'll do for now' manner, will just work perfectly. This chocolate and blueberry tart, just works.

Kitty Cafe, Nottingham

12 June 2015

I’m not sure a scale even exists that could measure how excited I was when I found out a cat cafe was opening less than an hour away from where I live. I've become somewhat of a crazy cat lady in training recently so any place that actually sees that as a good thing, is a place I want to be. And as I've mentioned in the past, I'm not the only cat lover around so when mine and Dave's anniversary rolled around last month I couldn’t think of a better reason to visit. Our shared love of both food and cats are pretty big parts of our relationship, so combining the two seemed a perfect way to mark the occasion.

Liverpool Sound City 2015

8 June 2015

Remember months ago when I said I was going to start sharing some more lifestyle and travel based things with you? Well I finally did something that didn't revolve entirely around food (although still a little bit). So something a little different on the blog today, I'm going to indulge my post festival blues for a bit and tell you all about our weekend at Liverpool Sound City.

I'd heard a little bit about Sound City before from its previous incarnation at various city centre venues, but 2015 saw the festivals first time at new home on the Bramley Moore Dock and my first time in attendance. Sound City is a city based festival, so there's no camping, and with Dave currently living only a short drive away we were lucky that we didn't need to spend on a hotel. At only £65 for a 3 day ticket, and with headliners The Vaccines, Belle & Sebastian and The Flaming Lips, it was an experience we really couldn't resist.

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