Mojito Rock Road // The Treat Kitchen Review

26 July 2015

 There is something really magical about traditional sweet shops. I've always had a major sweet tooth (in case you couldn't tell) and as a child I was always pretty disappointed that my pocket money was being spent in a newsagents and not some kind of magical, Willy Wonka-esque place. Even at twenty three, I still get a little bit excited whenever I get to visit a real sweet shop so you can imagine my excitement when The Treat Kitchen sent me some of their sugary goods to try out recently.

Based in Nottingham, The Treat Kitchen provide a traditional sweet shop for the modern shopper, with their range of quirky flavours and packaging. Their family have a long history in local confectionary but wanted to create something special with their store which also has on site fudge kitchen. I was lucky enough to sample a few different treats from them, including pineapple rollers, classic foam bananas and radioactive sours. I also got some jelly beans, and the mint sorbet flavour made it into my rocky road recipe below.

Pudding Club at Leaf, Liverpool

22 July 2015

Leaf on Bold St Pudding Club

Leaf on Bold Street was the first place I ever visited in Liverpool. It was over two years ago, and with the first sip of my tea I fell completely in love with Leaf, and with the city. It's one of the first places I recommend to those visiting for the first time, especially on a weekend when they have an amazing brunch menu, so I couldn't believe when I checked recently that I'd never actually blogged about it before. Last month for my birthday, following our new tradition of cafe trips for all occasions, Dave and I recently attended Leaf's popular Pudding Club, and it seemed like the perfect time to correct that oversight. 

If the name isn't enough of an explanation, Pudding Club is a series of special events where guests can enjoy 5 courses of dessert tasters, all paired with one of their loose leaf teas. Also known as the dinner of my dreams.  

I felt like my whole life had been leading up to this moment.

Degustabox Review June 2015

10 July 2015

For a while now I've been watching in envy as some of my favourite life and beauty bloggers review their monthly subscription boxes of new treats. Like an adult version of a lucky dip bag, I love the idea of being able to try out new products you might not have found otherwise. This month I finally got to join the trend, but instead of lipsticks, the lovely people at Degustabox* sent me a box full of food and drink to try. It was one of the best parcels I've had in a while and was absolutely packed full of things.

Brie and chorizo pasta with The Cheese Market

7 July 2015

Brie and chorizo pasta recipe

We all have things that never fail to make us feel happy and contended, regardless of what else is going on. There are some things that are just so good that you can never tired of them. For me that thing is cheese. It's something I always have to have in my kitchen,  it's good alone, it's great to cook with and even just a block of cheddar can make some incredibly exciting meals. So when The Cheese Market asked me to try out one of their cheese's I was pretty darn excited.

Rocket at Saltwater, Nottingham

4 July 2015

Despite being a big fan of 'sharing' style foods and more casual dining, I've never really gotten around to trying out tapas. So when Rocket at Saltwater invited me along to their #BloggersatRocket evening in Nottingham for some tapas, cocktails and blogging chitchat, I was really excited.

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