August Degustabox Review

26 September 2015

August saw my second try of the degustabox*, as there were some problems with July that meant some weren't delivered. They were amazing at sorting it out thought, and I've been spending the last few weeks testing everything the August box had to offer.

My favourite products this month were definitely the Dr, Oetker mug cakes. I always see mug cake recipes and think they sound great, I even have a cookbook full of them, but most of them have a list of ingredients so long that I can just never be bothered. If I'm going to have to put that much effort in then I'm sorry but I want a full sized cake. These mug cake mixes are the perfect solution. Just add milk, stir, microwave and you're good to go! They obviously don't taste quite as good as a real cake, but great to keep in or stuff in your lunchbox/bag for any cake related emergencies that might crop up.

OAKS, Nottingham

20 September 2015

Oaks angus beef burger

Asking a food blogger to choose their favourite restaurant is like asking a parent to pick a favourite child, you have to love too many things equally. So I won't tell you that Oaks is my favourite, but what I will tell you is that in the weeks since my visit I have thought about them nearly every day.

From the moment you walk into Oaks you are hit by the warmth and smell of the wood fire. The slightly smoky atmosphere is incredibly comforting, especially now we're heading into slightly colder weather outdoors.

Oaks is also beautifully decorated. It is polished and modern but in a way that doesn't feel at all stuffy, its a perfect mix of quality and comfort.

Tea Roulette

7 September 2015

In recent years, I seem to have become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to tea. There's something just really lovely about having the perfect blend of tea for your mood, for the time of day, to accompany a meal. But with so many blends and brands available now, trying to find new teas can get pretty confusing. I can remember how scary that first venture away from my standard cup of earl grey was, and I still very rarely purchase new teas that I haven't tried at a friends or in a coffee shop first. Enter Tea Roulette.

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