August Degustabox Review

26 September 2015

August saw my second try of the degustabox*, as there were some problems with July that meant some weren't delivered. They were amazing at sorting it out thought, and I've been spending the last few weeks testing everything the August box had to offer.

My favourite products this month were definitely the Dr, Oetker mug cakes. I always see mug cake recipes and think they sound great, I even have a cookbook full of them, but most of them have a list of ingredients so long that I can just never be bothered. If I'm going to have to put that much effort in then I'm sorry but I want a full sized cake. These mug cake mixes are the perfect solution. Just add milk, stir, microwave and you're good to go! They obviously don't taste quite as good as a real cake, but great to keep in or stuff in your lunchbox/bag for any cake related emergencies that might crop up.

Biscuits seemed to be a big theme for this box too, I got some various Walkers shortbreads (perfect tea break biscuits), dark chocolate 'Pick up!' biscuits which were pretty okay lunchbox snacks but honestly the biscuits weren't that nice and the choco leibniz which were a dark biscuit covered in white chocolate. There were also two primal pantry bars, if you're a fan of the nakd bars then you'd probably like these, they taste more or less the same and still have pretty cute packaging.

There was also a box of penne pasta and Barilla arrabbiata sauce, I wouldn't usually bar jars of sauce because it's just so easy to make from scratch at less of a cost but this was one of the nicest pre-made sauces I've tried, so definitely worth trying if you're in a bit of a hurry. 

There were a few things I really didn't like in this box, the peach slices and the two pakets of ryvita. I've tried to like ryvita, I really, really have, but no matter what I do it still tastes like cardboard to me. Actually it doesn't even taste as nice as cardboard. I'm sorry you guys.

There were also three drinks in this box, an organic energy drink, which was really nice. I'm not really sure it gave me the same boost a traditional energy drink would but it definitely tasted nice and isn't full of anywhere near as much nastiness, so this is definitely a product I would buy again. I also really liked the williamsons ginger tea. Ginger is supposed to be really good for and this one is a very gentle flavour, so its a lot more drinkable than a lot of other herbal teas I've tried. The third drink was a flavoured coconut water, and unfortunately much like ryvita, I just can't get myself to like this. The whole appeal is lost on me.

So overall it was a pretty mixed box for me this month, but almost all the products were ones I hadn't tried before so in that sense it was still a pretty good selection. If you want to try degustabox for yourself you can sign up on their website here. You can also get a £6 discount on your first box using the code BLDEG15. Don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of it!

*I was sent this box for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

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