11 October 2015

We had the idea for these macarons last summer, when Dave and I visited the Modrian exhibition at Tate Liverpool, but as I was pretty poor at macaron making a year ago, I quickly forgot about it again. The exhibition was beautifully put together, including a reconstruction of one of his studio spaces, and showed the development from his earlier work through to the brightly coloured grids we all know. Seeing them in this way let me actually start to understand Mondrian's works for the first time ever, and now I kind of love it. 

As a side note, this years summer exhibition was Jackson Pollock and was equally wonderful. I really can't say enough good things about Tate Liverpool, I'm not exactly an expert, but they always do an amazing job.

As a second side note, let's all dedicate a moment of silence to Dave in appreciation/sympathy, for always helping with recipe posts, but once again having to wait a year for me to actually make something he's asked for.

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