Goodbye 2015, Hello Veganuary!

30 December 2015

Vegetable market

I was planning on doing a bit of a round up post for the end of the year but then when I tried to look back through my posts, pick favourites and think of deep and meaningful things to say about the year my brain drew a total blank. I'm just not a new yearsy person. Soz. But I did want to do a little post to end 2015 and introduce my first 'feature' of 2016 - 'Veganuary' or Hannah eats vegetables for the first time in 23 years.

So what is Veganuary? I spotted Veganuary thanks to the wonderful Cate in the Kitchen and a few other bloggers who were all planning to take part. Over 10,000 people, including me, have pledged to eat Vegan for the whole month. That's it. Sounds pretty simple right?

Afternoon Tea at Oh Me, Oh My

29 December 2015

Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool

Brie and Cranberry Christmas Frittata

21 December 2015

Christmas Brunch Recipe

I was recently asked what my favourite part of christmas is, and while a few years ago I might have said presents, now it obviously has to be the food. And its way, waaaay too good to keep to one day only. Over the past couple of weeks I've swapped my regular boring sandwiches for festive specials and replaced all other snacks with christmas cookies and mince pies. I resent hearing novelty music any day before christmas eve but I am all over the christmas eating.

Lincoln Christmas Market Weekend

19 December 2015

There are a lot of things that I love about Lincoln, but the Christmas market stands above them all as my favourite event of the whole year. I'm not exactly an overly festive person, I kind of hate most Christmas music and I definitely hate anything festive happening before bonfire night, but there is something about the market that just gives me all the warm fuzzy Christmas feelings.

It was the apparently first Christmas market in the UK, something the city is very proud of. It only lasts for four days, but there is plenty to see as it fills the cathedral quarter, so I usually try and spend as much time there as I possibly can over the weekend to make the most of it.

92 Degrees Coffee, Liverpool

14 December 2015

If you have the joy of being my Twitter or Instagram friend (links here and here if you want to come join the party!) then you'll probably know I'm no stranger to 'hipster' cafes. The prospect of cake and dirty chai lattes are some of the only things that can tempt me to leave the house during the awful winter weather.

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