92 Degrees Coffee, Liverpool

14 December 2015

If you have the joy of being my Twitter or Instagram friend (links here and here if you want to come join the party!) then you'll probably know I'm no stranger to 'hipster' cafes. The prospect of cake and dirty chai lattes are some of the only things that can tempt me to leave the house during the awful winter weather.

Now when it comes to these spaces, I love trying out new shops but I also have strong views on what I do or don't like so I find myself visiting the same places a lot. On recent visits to Liverpool I've found myself going back to one place more than any other - 92 degrees. So when I was asked to write about a hidden gem in the city, a place that makes Liverpool special for me, I knew it would be the perfect spot.  It's not exactly a secret, but it is at a more out of the way part of the city centre, away from the bustle of Liverpool one and the other main shopping streets. It's still pretty easy and quick to get to though and well worth a detour.

Inside 92 degrees the first thing you'll nice is the size, emphasized by the high ceilings, long windows and Pinterest friendly white walls. But then you'll notice how surprisingly cosy it still feels. The decor is perfect - large Chesterfield sofas, bookshelves, and the odd plant or lamp (including one covered in old cassette tapes) all bring the place to life and make it feel really homely. 

They roast their own coffee, so you can really count on the quality of the drinks. They have a varied menu, including the usual mix of lattes etc, filter coffee and tea pigs teas, and you can buy bags of their coffee or tea to take home if you're so inclined. To accompany your beverage they usually have a good supply of fresh cakes, from carrot cake to nanaimo bars, and I've yet to be disappointed by any of the offerings. There are also fresh bagels with a choice of fillings but I haven't managed to try any of these myself.
What really made 92 stand out for me though was how amazing their staff were, more than willing to allow me to go off menu to create a dirty chai and always wanting to make sure our drinks are ok. They're always happy to put up with us being indecisive and offer guidance on our food choices, no matter how busy the shop is getting. 

The whole atmosphere is just brilliant, and its the perfect place to stop in for a quick refresher or to relax for a bit longer to read or catch up on work. It's super comfortable, I could spend whole days there, and this is from someone who usually loathes being in public spaces of any kind. It's also an amazing venue for photos, so pretty much a bloggers dream (thanks to Dave though for taking the awesome artsy shot at the top of this post!).

If you're in the city it should definitely be on your to do list, but if you want a bigger meal then you might also want to check out some of my other Liverpool reviews, you can also find some great Liverpool hotels over on the Travelodge site, who kindly sponsored this review.

*This post was kindly sponsored by Travelodge but is not affiliated with 92 degrees coffee, and all opinions are my own.

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