Afternoon Tea at Oh Me, Oh My

29 December 2015

Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool

A large stone building, in one of Liverpools grandest areas, when I spotted the small lettering on the window - 'oh me oh my, a secret space' - I was pretty damn intrigued. That was well over a year ago and I've been desperate to get inside ever since.

Oh me oh my is a "grand tea house during the week, with special events at the weekend" and a few weeks ago I finally managed to time a visit to the city with one of their events. You have no idea how excited I was.

Part of the Leaf family, I had very high hopes for our visit. It's definitely got a similar vibe, but unlike leaf, which is a perfect venue for sunday hangovers, our trip to Oh Me Oh My was for a festive afternoon tea. Walking in from a rainy afternoon to the enormous former bank, we were met with dozens of twinkling fairy lights and a strong smell of mulled wine. It was my dream christmas setting and it was fancy as hell.

To start the afternoon off we were introduced to the tea menu. They had six different teas on offer, all with a festive theme. We had each tea explained to us, including how it should be served and the advantages of their teas being loose leaf and were told we could try as many as we wanted during our visit. This was a really nice touch as when we visit Leaf its often very busy and there isn't as much opportunity to hear about the teas on offer (plus to go through the full menu would probably take days!) so similarly Pudding Club, it was really nice to get the extra background here. I stuck with several pots of their christmas blend, a black tea with wonderful winter flavours, whereas Dave tried some green and white teas which were equally delicious (I can't remember any of the names though, sorry).

We were also given some little christmas crackers with suitably awful christmas jokes and that meant I got gold glitter all over myself, in my cup of tea and on my sandwiches. This is why I don't go to nice places often.

Afternoon Tea at Oh Me Oh My

Afternoon Tea Platter, Liverpool

Our food came on a beautiful platter, and I was amazed at just how much was actually there. We started with brie and cranberry sliders, basically my favourite christmas flavours so I loved these. Then it was on to traditional sandwiches - smoked salmon, cheese, and egg mayo. I'm not a massive fan of sandwiches so I only ate the cheese ones but I was really impressed with the freshness of them, usually at afternoon tea the bread goes a bit hard but these were beautifully soft, a good sign that they had been made that afternoon.

Then it was on to the more serious business, the two dessert tiers. Starting with miniature scones and mince pies, all of which were delicious. I was a little disappointed not to have the huge scones normally associated with an afternoon tea but the pies did help a lot with my christmas spirit. These were accompanied with some fresh strawberries and rich chocolate truffles.

Our final tier held my favourite parts of the meal (does afternoon tea count as a meal?), shortbread topped with cream and raspberries and then a teacup full of creme brulee. I seem to have eaten a lot of creme brulee this christmas but this one definitely held up, evidence of real vanilla in the custard, a beautifully brown, crunchy sugar top, this did not let me down.

If you couldn't already tell, I was really pleased with our trip to Oh Me Oh My. The place was absolutely beautiful, the staff were lovely throughout and the afternoon tea was fantastic. And at only £15.95 per person (more if you wanted mulled wine or prosecco), I wouldn't hesitate at all to go again, it really is a perfect treat. For more info on Oh Me Oh My check out their website here.

Oh Me Oh My Liverpool

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