Goodbye 2015, Hello Veganuary!

30 December 2015

Vegetable market

I was planning on doing a bit of a round up post for the end of the year but then when I tried to look back through my posts, pick favourites and think of deep and meaningful things to say about the year my brain drew a total blank. I'm just not a new yearsy person. Soz. But I did want to do a little post to end 2015 and introduce my first 'feature' of 2016 - 'Veganuary' or Hannah eats vegetables for the first time in 23 years.

So what is Veganuary? I spotted Veganuary thanks to the wonderful Cate in the Kitchen and a few other bloggers who were all planning to take part. Over 10,000 people, including me, have pledged to eat Vegan for the whole month. That's it. Sounds pretty simple right?

Well...I was a vegetarian for all of my teenager years and I was literally the worst vegetarian ever. I lived entirely on pizzas, quorn nuggets and chocolate cake. So when I started eating meat again I probably improved my diet quite a lot, but it has also lead to some pretty lazy food choices. It's just so easy to throw some meat into every dish and not try anything new. I also have a deeply, deeply unhealthy relationship with cheese. So I'm hoping that Veganuary will get me out of my comfort zone and push me to finally try some trendy health foods and fun ways to cook with veggies. I'm hoping it'll make me think a little bit more about what actually goes into the food I'm buying and the choices that I make. It'll also be nice to have a few weeks of fresher foods after christmas.

I will be making a few small exceptions, because I don't want to be a total dick to people around me or not be able to leave the house for the month. So there will be a few days where I won't be completely taking part, including a weekend break with Dave that we had already booked before I signed up (our meals are part of our hotel stay), a friends birthday meal and that I'll be staying with family until the 3rd January. I'm hoping to be at least vegetarian for the meals out, but I don't feel like I can tell friends or family what to cook for me or I'll never get to go for dinner with them again.

I'll be posting updates on this site throughout the month, along with reviews of vegan products and recipes. If you want to keep up to date I'll also be putting regular updates on Twitter and Instagram and I've got a recipe board on Pinterest too if that's your sort of thing.

I'm currently a little terrified, so if you're taking part or are an expert in vegan cuisine, leave a comment, send me your blog or insta links. I will need words of wisdom, support and probably occasionally someone to tell me not to be such a baby when I'm crying over not being able to eat any ice cream.

If you want to find out more about Veganuary check out their website, they have some brilliant guides to help you out. I hope you all have a brilliant new year and I'll see you in 2016!

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