Veganuary Week 3

23 January 2016

Casa wabasabi vegan sushi lincoln

Week 3 has been kind of a mixed bag. Last Friday I had a trip away with Dave which I'll be writing about more in an upcoming post. We'd arranged the trip before I'd decided to do Veganuary and for various reasons I felt like I'd have to cheat for one of the meals while we were there. I knew this already, it was one of a couple of exceptions I knew were coming up but I still felt really weird about it on the day. Like I was cheating myself a bit.

The rest of the week wasn't too bad though. I made a sweet potato curry that I was really pleased with and was super impressed when we went out to a pub for dinner and actually had plenty of things to choose from (I settled on a veggie burger and it was brilliant, it looked much better than everyone else's meat dishes).

I've been eating a lot more fruit and veg tonight and a lot less beans, pulses, etc. which means I'm feel a lot healthier than I had for the first part of the month, although I'm still waiting to see any improvement in my skin or energy levels. I finally picked up some sweet freedom choc shot and haven't been craving chocolate anywhere near as much. I'd actually say this is one of the nicest hot chocolate at home mix I've had (second only to the east india company's chai drinking chocolate) and is just a lot easier to work with than the powdered mix. Even if you're not vegan you definitely want to give this stuff a go.

The highlight of this week though came from Casa Wabisabi, who offer Japanese cooking classes in Lincoln and were kind enough to bring me a lunch time delivery of vegan treats to try. I've never had proper sushi before and ever since eating this I've spent hours reading up on making it at home. The flavours were incredible, I couldn't believe you could make something so tasty (and so damn cute) out of rice and vegetables. It was definitely better than another jacket potato and I'm going to be stalking their Twitter waiting for them to announce more class dates.

I'm feeling a lot more inspired with vegan cooking now and there's a million things I still want to try but my big priority for the final week is going to be baking. I feel like its been a really long time since I got a chance to do any baking and I'm really curious to see how some substitutions will work. I know nice vegan cakes are possible because I have had them before but whether I can make one will be a different question altogether.

Anyone else doing Veganuary, what were your best finds this week?

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