A Macaron Manicure Party

21 February 2016

As you know, one of my absolute favourite things to do is gather up my friends to shower them with tea and cake. Food is such a brilliant tool for bringing people together and I love being able to create things that make people happy - plus it stops me eating entire cakes to myself. Recently Brioche Pasquier invited me to throw a macaron manicure party to celebrate (a slightly belated) Galentines Day and the release of their new range of macarons and of course I took them up on it right away. 

Dave not surprisingly declined my offer of a manicure, but luckily some of my favourite blogger girls were on hand to help me taste test the macarons and get our nails did over some cups of chai. I sadly couldn't use all the decorations that they sent because of living in a shoebox but we did get to try out all the nail gear and try each flavour of macaron (necessary to provide a proper review, obviously). 

The macarons came in 6 flavours: coffee, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry and lemon, and we were sent nail varnishes in matching colours to complete our manicures. The coffee ones were probably my favourite, the coffee taste was quite strong and the filling was really creamy and delicious. I was also impressed with the vanilla ones as I'm pretty sure from the look of the filling that there was a bit of real vanilla in there, I had expected it to be the naff stuff so this was a really good surprise. There weren't really any flavours I didn't like but I'm a bit of a macaron fiend so that's no surprise! I honestly hadn't expected them to be as nice as they were. I've had shop bought macarons in the past and they've been pretty crap, plus these were frozen and I was worried they'd melt in the defrosting process, but they travelled amazingly. It might be that being frozen stores them better than just in a box, or that they were just much better quality macarons to begin with but I actually could wholeheartedly recommend these if you want macarons at home and don't fancy making them yourself (although I would still recommend giving making them a go because it's a ton of fun). 

The nail polishes weren't as impressive as the macarons but I'm not a beauty blogger so that's not too important to me. What I did love about this was it gave me a great reason to get some of my favourite girls together and we had such a fun time. I've never been much of a 'girls girl' but I've made so many amazing female friends the last couple of years thanks to blogging, and it was really nice to celebrate that and spend some quality time with some of them. 

I didn't get loads of pictures of our manicures because I'm a rubbish blogger and my camera was dead but this point but you can have a poor quality phone selfie if you want to see how deliriously happy macarons and nail polish fumes made us.

Make sure you check out Danie and Rowena's blogs, they're brilliant. And if you want to know more about Brioche Pasquier you can find them here.

How did you celebrate Galentines Day this year?

*I was sent a party pack from Brioche Pasquier to create this post, all opinions are my own.

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