Rose Gin Martini

10 February 2016

Rock rose gin martini

It's fair to say that gin has been huge over the last few years. It made a sudden move from 'only drunk by your nan' to one of the most fashionable things to be seen sipping and we haven't looked back. There are so many new gins on the market now, each with their own unique take on the classic spirit.

I'd seen the odd snap of Rock Rose Gin* across the internet last year, so it had been on my radar for a while when they invited me to give some a go. It's a small batch gin from the North Highlands, made with local botanicals and I've really enjoyed trying it out.

The first thing I noticed about Rock Rose Gin is how beautiful the bottle is. It's quite heavy and has a good quality feel but is just so different to all the other gin bottles in my cupboard (because I just about have a whole cupboard just of gin now, I am that girl). It's a reasonably strong gin, but with a wonderfully smooth finish, which makes for a very easy to drink g&t. They recommend finishing a rock rose gin and tonic off with a sprig of rosemary, which I haven't done, but it goes great with some good quality tonic.

I wanted to try and create a cocktail with rock rose but the gin is so nice on its own that I just couldn't bear to put it anything too complex or full of conflicting flavours. And so with Valentines day just around the corner, the rose martini was born.

Rock Rose Gin, with a subtle rose flavoured sugar syrup, topped off with (optional) tonic water. An easy but classy cocktail to enjoy this valentines (or any other day you're feeling fancy), this is all about soft, subtle flavours, and I reckon would make a much better gift than a rock or a rose.

The recipe below makes enough syrup for a few rounds of drinks, or you can use it in baking or other drinks if you have any leftover.

Rose gin martini

Rose Gin Martini

For the sugar syrup
50ml water
50g sugar
1 drop rose water

For the martini:
1/2 tsp sugar syrup
approx 75ml/3 measures Rock Rose gin
1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice
Tonic water (optional)

To make the rose syrup heat the rose water, water and sugar in a small pan until the sugar is dissolved. Let cool completely before adding to any drinks.

For the martini take the gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice and mix well. Pour into a cold martini glass and top off with a splash of tonic water if desired.

*I was sent Rock Rose Gin for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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