Elite Fish & Chip Company, Sleaford

24 April 2016

Is it weird that I'm kind of excited to be telling you about a fish and chip shop today? Probably, but just stick with me a minute. Fish and chips is a staple British meal, a complete classic, and in many households a weekly occurrence. But it's something I've always thought of as more of an eat at home sort of meal, or at most eat from a cone on a rainy beach. So when Elite Fish and Chip Company*, who are usually thought of as one of our best local chippys invited me to try out their more modern Sleaford restaurant, I was intriuged enough to give it a try.

The Sleaford restaurant has a very different aesthetic to their other branches, it's a bit sleekier, a bit more up to date. It's not modern in an urban hipster sort of way, there are no statement lightbulbs or other trendy pieces, but it doesn't have that old cafe feel that most fish and chip restaurants have. There are still paintings of boats on the walls so it is a little gimmicky, a little bit what I imagine eating on a cruise ship is like (but quite a nice one) but it is definitely still targeted more to a slightly younger audience than their other venues. 

We both opted for fish and chips for our main courses, they do have other options but I didn't think I could make a clear judgement of them without trying their main dish. The first thing that struck me when it came out was how absolutely enormous the portions were. The second was how unexciting fish and chips actually looks on a plate, it is not an instagram friendly meal. Nonetheless, I was pretty impressed by it, the chips particularly were crispy on the outside with beautiful fluffy middles, which is the best combination in a chip in my opinion. I don't know if it was the absolute best I've ever had, but it definitely made the top five at least. 

What impressed me most though was their dessert menu, which I had majorly underestimated before our visit. There were actually loads of options to choose from, but I went for a chocolate mallow cake, which was kind of similar to this one I made a few years ago and left me questioning why I haven't found more uses for marshmallow icing recently (it also left me feeling quite a bit sick, but in a good way). Dave on the other hand went for the incredibly classy battered creme egg and ice cream. It tasted a lot better than it looked, I promise you. I don't know why I've wasted so many years eating creme eggs normally because they were clearly made for being deep fried and covered in ice cream. These were desserts for people with a serious sweet tooth and a complete disregard for their health, and I definitely fit that bill. 

I was definitely more impressed with Elite than I expected to be. I went to check out the decoration but it was the food that really shined here and if you're ever nearby and looking for a bit of a twist on your traditional chippy tea, I'd definitely recommend paying them a visit. 

*I was invited to try out Elite's Sleaford restaurant. All opinions are my own.

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