Cider Fruit Punch

12 June 2016

So we probably need to stop for a minute and have a chat about my obsession with drinks in jars. If you're one of the people that wishes the trend would hurry up and die already then I'm sorry, but I'm still not over it.
I've been dreaming about one of these jar drinks dispensers for months now, so when I spotted one in Aldi (my currently fave for all kitchenware) while shopping for ingredients for this recipe it just felt like fate, even if an 8litre drinks dispenser did seem a little large considering I can never fit more than 3-4 guests over at once in my tiny flat.

Aside from wanting an excuse to buy this new dreamy and completely ridiculous jar, I created this punch recipe in partnership with Four Walls and Ocean Loans to celebrate National BBQ Week, because all summer parties need a good drinks menu.

Cider is such a great drink for the sunny weather and this punch has the brilliant illusion of seeming a bit fancier than just drinking from a can but takes barely any more effort to make. The trickiest bit is planning ahead to soak the fruit but if you forget you can just throw it all into a jug and it'll still taste amazing. The tropical flavours are also nice for pretending you're actually somewhere warm and not having your bbq while wearing a cardigan as usually seems to happen to me.

I did test this in a smaller amount to start with so if you fancy a go but don't want to make a big batch, it's great with a ratio of around 1 measure of rum to a 3/4 glass of cider and then topped off with fruit and soda water.

If you give this a try or have any suggestions for something else I should make in my drinks dispenser do let me know in the comments!

Cider Fruit Punch

4 bottles of mango and raspberry cider
1 cup of coconut rum
2 oranges
3 kiwi fruits
1 pineapple
soda water

Cut the fruits into large chunks and let soak in the coconut rum overnight.

Pour the fruit and rum mix into a large pitcher or drinks dispenser then top up with cider, and soda water. Serve over ice.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Four Walls. All opinions are my own.

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