Makushi Coffe Roasters, Lincoln

24 September 2016

Lincolns city centre feels like it is constantly changing. Every week or so a different shop or restaurant closes and something new quickly pops up in its place, after a while you start to lose track but something about Makushi coffee roasters really caught my eye recently. Located a little way up steep hill, the coffee shop is a hipster dream - all exposed brick and woodwork, edison light bulbs and specialty coffees roasted on site. I've made quite a few visits now (I'm on my second loyalty stamp card already) and I think I can now say that I've completely fallen in love with the place.

It's a small venue, with a few tables in the entrance and then two cosy back rooms (one of which I've heard affectionately referred to as 'the cave') but it seems like there are big plans to open up the site further and eventually include outside seating too. The atmosphere is really relaxed and the staff are amazingly helpful and friendly. Every time I've been in the place has been packed, which isn't bad for a shop that only opened a few weeks ago.

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