The Cow&Co. Cafe, Liverpool

12 March 2017

Let's have a coffee and a catch up shall we?
As you know, I'm a big fan of a cozy coffee shop and Cow&Co. is one of the latest to win my heart. I've been through some pretty big life changes recently and this has been one of my favourite spots to bring my laptop and crack on with my to do list. The main change that you might have seen on my social media is that a few weeks ago I packed up my tiny little flat and moved 100+ miles to 'the north' to begin a new adventure in Liverpool. I's the most beautiful place and I'm really excited to be able to start exploring it a little more, spending more time in some of my favourite places and sharing it with you, here.

Which brings me back to Cow&Co. This cute little coffee place offers amazing coffee and teas alongside a small food menu of sandwiches, bagels and cakes. On our most recent visit I opted for a bagel with mozarella, roasted vegetables and homemade pesto and it was amazing. I've been struggling a bit recently with finding places to eat since I became a vegetarian again at the start of the year but a lot of the menu here is veggie/vegan and they even have vegan cheese available. They also do some great cakes and snacks (including some vegan ones) and I've yet to be disappointed by any of their food offerings.

The cafe is artfully decorated, with instagrammable succulents, festival lights, and shelves full of trendy magazines, and homewares for sale. I've been spending a lot of time there recently getting comfy to work on uni work or continue house hunting with a supply of delicious coffees and cakes to keep me going.  It's a pretty small shop, but it has a cute little mezzanine level of extra seating which is perfect for hiding away to get some work done.

Cow&Co is in Cleveland Square, which is tucked away just enough that it can make for a nice escape from the bustle of the city centre while still being close enough to not make for too much of a detour from the main shopping areas. Whether you're looking for a comfy reading spot or a cute lunch date venue, I'd definitely recommend looking them up.

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